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DesbriefTable of Contents

Small Objects of Desire

Tuesday, April 16, 2:30 PM TO 4:00 PM
Session Chair: Karen Bedard, Hyundai Electronics America
Sensuality in Product Design: a Structured Approach
G.H. Hofmeester, Philips Corporate Design
J.A.M. Kemp, Philips Research
A.C.M. Blankendaal, Delft University of Technology
Designing the muse: A Digital Music Stand for the Symphony Musician
Christopher Graefe, Derek Wahila, Justin Maguire, Orya Dasna, Pittsburgh
Rapid Scout: Bridging the Gulf Between Physical and Virtual Environments
David S. Ranson, Emily S. Patterson, Daniel L. Kidwell, Gavin A. Renner, Mike L. Matthews, Jim M. Corban, Emil Seculov, Constantine S. Souhleris, The Ohio State University

Design for Communication and Communication for Design

Wednesday, April 17, 9:00 AM TO 10:30 AM
Session Chair: Allan MacLean, Rank Xerox Research Centre
Interaction Design and Human Factors Support in the Development of a Personal Communicator for Children
Ron Oosterholt, Mieko Kusano, Govert de Vries, Philips Corporate Design
Demo or Die: User Interface as Marketing Theatre
Annette Wagner, Maria Capucciati, SunSoft, Inc.
A User Interface for Accessing 3D Content on the World Wide Web
Mike Mohageg, Rob Myers, Chris Marrin, Jim Kent, David Mott, Paul Isaacs, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

User Interfaces for Large Markets

Wednesday, April 17, 11:30 AM TO 1:00 PM
Session Chair: Daniel Rosenberg, Oracle Corporation
The Windows 95 User Interface: A Case Study in Usability Engineering
Kent Sullivan, Microsoft Corporation
Usability Improvements in Lotus cc:Mail for Windows
Stacey Ashlund, Karen J. Horwitz, Lotus Development Corporation
Real World Design in the Corporate Environment: Designing an Interface for the Technically Challenged
Susan Hopper, Merrill Lynch
Harold Hambrose, Electronic Ink
Paul Kanevsky, Merril Lynch