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What would you like to see here?

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What would you like to see here?

Posted by Anne Bowser at July 31. 2012

Hello, early members!  What would you like to see the SigCHI community on HCI Education offer?

Re: What would you like to see here?

Posted by Gerrit Van Der Veer at July 23. 2014
We (Teresa Consiglio and Gerrit van der Veer, members of this community) are working on educational resources in the domain of HCI.
We design them and we teach in a blended learning situation using them.
We are developing a collection of learning environments for sub-domains of HCI.
We propose SIGCHI establishes a repository of open educational resources, hosting this at the ACM servers.
We offer to provide our share, and one of us (Teresa) is volunteering to maintain the resources we submit.

As a start we propose to upload (and maintain) a course on Human Information Processing.
This course may currently be inspected and used at:
Please note, users (learners) are requested to create a login, which allows them to return to their own copy of the course whenever they want.
FYI: this course is referred to in the IEEE ACM Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science, December 20, 2013, page 291-292  (
Both authors of this course, Gerrit van der Veer and  Elbert-Jan Hennipman, fully agree with this proposal.
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