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Relevant Papers and Sessions

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Relevant Papers and Sessions

Posted by Dr Oliver Bates at May 10. 2017
Just a quick copy paste of the email I sent out. Please add relevant papers and sessions I've missed in the comments.
Sessiong: Technology & Adoption - paper
Room: 103/105 Chair: Myriam Lewkowicz
Implications for Adoption - Paper
Joseph Lindley     Paul Coulton     Miriam Sturdee    
Adoptability, Prototyping, Design Fiction, Implications for Adoption.
UX Design Innovation: Some Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material - Paper
Graham Dove     Jodi L Forlizzi     Kim Halskov     John Zimmerman    
UX practice, design material, machine learning, interaction design,
Tariff Agent: Interacting with a Future Smart Energy System at Home - journals
Alper T Alan     Enrico Costanza     Sarvapali D Ramchurn     Joel Fischer     Tom Rodden     Nicholas Jennings    
Technology Maintenance: A New Frame for Studying Poverty and Marginalization - Note
Amy L Gonzales    
Digital divide, poverty, technology maintenance, access
Session: Sustainability and Public Service
Room: Four Seasons 1 Chair: Christian Remy
The (Un)sustainability of Imagined Future Information Societies - Paper
Daniel Pargman     Elina Eriksson     Mattias Höjer     Ulrika Gunnarsson Östling     Luciane Aguiar Borges    
Design fiction, Futures studies, Scenarios, Sustainability
Means and Ends in Human-Computer Interaction: Sustainability through Disintermediation - Paper
Barath Raghavan     Daniel Pargman    
Sustainable computing, Disintermediation
Crowdfunding Platforms and the Design of Paying Publics - Paper
Ann Light     Jo Briggs    
Digital platforms, sustainability, platform design, social innovation, paying publics, business models, infrastructure
Reappropriating Hackathons: The Production Work of the CHI4Good Day of Service - Note
Emily Porter     Chris Bopp     Elizabeth Gerber     Amy Voida    
Hackathon, Social-issue, Civic, Material Production, Social Networks, Design Process
Sessions: Challenges to Design - altchi
Room: 102/104 Chair: Karrie Karahalios
CHI4Good or Good4CHI - altchi
Joyojeet Pal    
ICTD, HCI4D, Accessibility
Session: Temperature Interfaces
Room: Four Seasons 1 Chair: Marianna Obrist
Ambiotherm: Enhancing Sense of Presence in Virtual Reality by Simulating Real-World Environmental Conditions -  Paper
Nimesha Ranasinghe     Pravar Jain     Shienny Karwita     David Tolley     Ellen Yi-Luen Do    
Presence, Ambient Temperature, Virtual Wind, Virtual Reality, Multimodal Interaction
Multi-moji: Combining Thermal, Vibrotactile & Visual Stimuli to Expand the Affective Range of Feedback - Paper
Graham Wilson     Stephen A Brewster    
Emotion, thermal feedback, vibration, visual feedback
The Heat is On: A Temperature Display for Conveying Affective Feedback - Paper
Jordan Tewell     Jon Bird     George R Buchanan    
Thermal feedback, thermal haptics, affective computing
Exploring Novice Approaches to Smartphone-based Thermographic Energy Auditing: A Field Study - Paper
Matthew Louis Mauriello     Manaswi Saha     Erica Brown Brown     Jon E Froehlich    
Thermography, Mobile Devices, Formative Inquiry, Field Study, Sustainable HCI, Energy Efficiency
Session: Smart Monitoring in Physical Spaces - paper
Room: Four Seasons 4 Chair: Patrick C Shih
Looking Inside the Wires: Understanding Museum Visitor Learning with an Augmented Circuit Exhibit - Paper
Elham Beheshti     David Kim     Gabrielle Ecanow     Michael S. Horn    
Electrical circuits, multiple representations, augmented reality, agent-based modeling, design, interactive surfaces, museum  learning.
Log it While it's Hot: Designing Human Interaction with Smart Thermostats for Shared Work Environments - Paper
Stephen Snow     Frederik Auffenberg     m.c. schraefel    
Smart thermostat, thermal comfort, shared work environments, office, reciprocity, participatory sensing
Community-Empowered Air Quality Monitoring System - Paper
Yen-Chia Hsu     Paul Dille     Jennifer Cross     Beatrice Dias     Randy Sargent     Illah Nourbakhsh    
Citizen science, sustainable HCI, adversarial design, participatory design, community engagement, data visualization, air  quality
The Catch(es) with Smart Home – Experiences of a Living Lab Field Study - Paper
Timo Jakobi     Corinna Ogonowski     Nico Castelli     Gunnar Stevens     Volker Wulf    
User Experience, Smart Home, Living Lab, Design, Qualitative Study
Tuesday 14:30 - 150:50
Session: Supporting Low Resource Communities
Room: 103/105 Chair: Gabriela Marcu
Uncovering the Values and Constraints of Real-time Ride Sharing for Low-resource Populations - Paper
Tawanna R Dillahunt     Vaishnav Kameswaran     Linfeng Li     Tanya Rosenblat    
sharing economy, mobility, low-income populations, transportation scarcity, real-time ridesharing services, Uber
Supporting Community Health Workers in India through Voice- and Web-Based Feedback - Paper
Brian DeRenzi     Nicola Dell     Jeremy Wacksman     Scott Lee     Neal Lesh    
ICTD, HCI4D, CHW, ASHA, community health, mHealth
We Play We Learn: Exploring the Value of Digital Educational Games in Rural Egypt - Paper
Shaimaa Lazem     Hussein Aly Jad    
Edutainment, Play, Game-Based Learning, Games, Collaborative Learning, ICTD, ICT4D, HCI4D, Egypt
Sidestepping the Elephant in the Classroom: Using Culturally Localized Technology To Teach Around Taboos - Paper
Piya Sorcar     Benjamin Strauber     Prashant Loyalka     Neha Kumar     Shelley Goldman    
Taboo Topics, Education, HIV, AIDS, India, HCI4D
Session: Food & Nutrition
Rice Today, Roti Tomorrow: Diets and Diabetes in Urban Indian Households - Paper
Jasmine Hentschel     Samyukta Manjayya Sherugar     Rui Zhou     Vaishnav Kameswaran     Rajesh Chandwani     Neha  Kumar    
Diabetes, Diets, India, Qualitative Methods
Monster Appetite: Effects of Subversive Framing on Nutritional Choices in a Digital Game Environment - Paper
Maria L Hwang     Lena Mamykina    
Framing, persuasive games, subversive approach, two-sided inoculation, behavior modification, nutritional choices.
The Role of Explanations in Casual Observational Learning about Nutrition - Paper
Marissa Burgermaster     Krzysztof Z. Gajos     Patricia Davidson     Lena Mamykina    
Nutrition literacy, casual learning, observational learning, crowdsourcing
Bearing an Open "Pandora's Box": HCI for Reconciling Everyday Food and Sustainability - journals
Adrian K Clear     Kirstie O'Neill     Adrian Friday     Mike Hazas    
Session: Online and on-the-go
Room: Four Seasons 1 Chair: Florian Mueller
Demand Around the Clock: Time Use and Data Demand of Mobile Devices in Everyday Life - Paper
Kelly Widdicks     Oliver Bates     Mike Hazas     Adrian Friday     Alastair R. Beresford    
sustainability, data demand, ICT, demand designed into practices
Session: Technology Use Around the Globe - paper
Room: Four Seasons 1 Chair: Amanda L. Hughes
Imagined Connectivities: Synthesized Conceptions of Public Wi-Fi in Urban India - Paper
Nithya Sambasivan     Paul M. Aoki    
ICTD, HCI4D, Internet, access, Public Wi-Fi, India, media studies, imaginaries
Choosing to adapt: Agency in technology adoption for mobile smartphone users in Bangalore - Paper
Joyojeet Pal     Anandhi Viswanathan     Priyank Chandra     Anisha Nazareth     Vaishnav Kameswaran     Hariharan  Subramonyam     Aditya Johri     Mark S. Ackerman     Sile O'Modhrain    
Accessibility, India, Mobile Phones, Android, Bangalore, iOS
Money, God, and SMS: Explorations in Supporting Social Action Through a Bangladeshi Mosque - Paper
Mohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat     Jay Chen     Kentaro Toyama    
ICT4D, religion, techno-spirituality, SMS, donation
Negotiating Absent Practices and Dormant Features: Discourse as a Means of Shaping the Implementation of a Global  Enterprise System to Meet Local Work Culture - Paper
George Kandathil     Erica Wagner    
HCI, affordance, appropriation, culture, discursive, Enterprise System, HCI4D, critical design, cross-cultural design, workplace  studies, CSCW
Session: Sharing, People and Communities
Room: 302 Chair: Victoria Schwanda Sosik
HCI and environmental public policy: Opportunities for engagement - Note
Vanessa Thomas     Christian Remy     Mike Hazas     Oliver Bates    
public policy, environmental public policy, sustainable HCI, climate change, government
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