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Re: Plans for CHI 2013

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Re: Plans for CHI 2013

Posted by Keith Instone Instone at November 15. 2012
I guess we should start using this message let me start with: What are people planning for CHI 2013?
I already know about the Special Interest Group proposal from Clare & Elizabeth & Aaron: Research-Practice Interaction: Building Bridges, Closing the Gap. (I would attach the proposal here, but it is too large - arg!)
Previous work in the CHI community has identified and explored gaps between theory and practice in HCI research [2]. The recently formed SIGCHI Community on Research-­Practice Interaction aims to help bridge the gap between research and practice, by for example supporting practitioner-­friendly dissemination of results, and serving as a conduit for feedback from practitioners to researchers. This SIG is an opportunity for interested CHI attendees to meet members of the SIGCHI RPI community, and engage in discussions on RPI issues including the CHI format, dissemination of results, and supporting practice-­based research.
Anything else? That may be enough, but perhaps there is more (e.g., any effort to do some of the items on our to-do list, like make proceedings easier for practitioners to read?).
Related is: "who is going to be at the CHI 2013 conference"? I am not planning on going, but that could change.

Re: Plans for CHI 2013

Posted by Keith Instone Instone at November 16. 2012

Let me try the attachment now, it may have been changed for us.


Re: Plans for CHI 2013

Posted by Clare Hooper at November 16. 2012

I'm hoping to attend CHI, though it depends on who is funding me and whether my stuff gets accepted :)


As mentioned on the email thread, it'd be good to chat about the proposed alt-CHI paper soon (given the deadline for such things is straight after Christmas and New Year). This was an idea from myself, Elizabeth and Aaron, though Keith and Jhilmil you are welcome to become involved if you so desire! We don't want it to become a sprawling monster, though, so probably best not to introduce further people

... sound fair?


I'm just chatting with Aaron on email to check if he can access this thread, so shan't plough into detail until that's sorted out.




Re: Plans for CHI 2013

Posted by AARON HOUSSIAN at November 19. 2012

I'm planning on attending "no matter what" but some of that is based on the idea that I'm pretty sure at least some of my submissions will be accepted and I also know I'll do some Student Volunteering as they've asked me to come back and be a day captain for one last year of fun.

Re: Plans for CHI 2013

Posted by Clare Hooper at November 19. 2012

So, we're all up and running. Keith, Jhilmil, are you guys interested in being involved in the alt-chi paper?

I feel that email may be a slightly better medium than this forum for this... I don't get notified when there are forum updates, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

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