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CSCW 2016

CSCW '16- Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing

CSCW '16- Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing

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Note: The following links provide open access to the specified PDFs for 12 months following their publication in the ACM DL.

SESSION: Museums and Public Spaces

  • Jennifer Marlow

Supporting Group Coherence in a Museum Visit

  • Lesley Fosh
  • Steve Benford
  • Boriana Koleva

Articulating Co-Design in Museums: Reflections on Two Participatory Processes

  • Luigina Ciolfi
  • Gabriela Avram
  • Laura Maye
  • Nick Dulake
  • Mark T. Marshall
  • Dick van Dijk
  • Fiona McDermott

Effects of the Display Angle on Social Behaviors of the People around the Display: A Field Study at a Museum

  • Junko Ichino
  • Kazuo Isoda
  • Tetsuya Ueda
  • Reimi Satoh

Jokebox: Coordinating Shared Encounters in Public Spaces

  • Mara Balestrini
  • Paul Marshall
  • Raymundo Cornejo
  • Monica Tentori
  • Jon Bird
  • Yvonne Rogers

SESSION: Modeling Social Media

  • Sadat Shami

#Bieber + #Blast = #BieberBlast: Early Prediction of Popular Hashtag Compounds

  • Suman Kalyan Maity
  • Ritvik Saraf
  • Animesh Mukherjee

Style in the Age of Instagram: Predicting Success within the Fashion Industry using Social Media

  • Jaehyuk Park
  • Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia
  • Emilio Ferrara

Modeling Self-Disclosure in Social Networking Sites

  • Yi-Chia Wang
  • Moira Burke
  • Robert Kraut

Finding Weather Photos: Community-Supervised Methods for Editorial Curation of Online Sources

  • David A. Shamma
  • Lyndon Kennedy
  • Jia Li
  • Bart Thomee
  • Haojian Jin
  • Jeff Yuan

SESSION: Crowd Workers

  • Ido Guy

Standing Out from the Crowd: Emotional Labor, Body Labor, and Temporal Labor in Ridesharing

  • Noopur Raval
  • Paul Dourish

Analysing Volunteer Engagement in Humanitarian Mapping: Building Contributor Communities at Large Scale

  • Martin Dittus
  • Giovanni Quattrone
  • Licia Capra

PlanSourcing: Generating Behavior Change Plans with Friends and Crowds

  • Elena Agapie
  • Lucas Colusso
  • Sean A. Munson
  • Gary Hsieh

The Crowd is a Collaborative Network

  • Mary L. Gray
  • Siddharth Suri
  • Syed Shoaib Ali
  • Deepti Kulkarni

SESSION: Towards Physical and Social Wellness

  • Xiaomu Zhou

Steps, Choices and Moral Accounting: Observations from a Step-Counting Campaign in the Workplace

  • Nanna Gorm
  • Irina Shklovski

Confidence & Control: Examining Adolescent Preferences for Technologies that Promote Wellness

  • Farnaz Irannejad Bisafar
  • Andrea Grimes Parker

One LED is Enough: Catalyzing Face-to-face Interactions at Conferences with a Gentle Nudge

  • Jay Chen
  • Azza Abouzied

Persistent Sharing of Fitness App Status on Twitter

  • Kunwoo Park
  • Ingmar Weber
  • Meeyoung Cha
  • Chul Lee

SESSION: Digital Learning Environments

  • Michael Prilla

RichReview++: Deployment of a Collaborative Multi-modal Annotation System for Instructor Feedback and Peer Discussion

  • Dongwook Yoon
  • Nicholas Chen
  • Bernie Randles
  • Amy Cheatle
  • Corinna E. Löckenhoff
  • Steven J. Jackson
  • Abigail Sellen
  • François Guimbretière

Ask the Instructors: Motivations and Challenges of Teaching Massive Open Online Courses

  • Saijing Zheng
  • Pamela Wisniewski
  • Mary Beth Rosson
  • John M. Carroll

Impoverished Visions of Sustainability: Encouraging Disruption in Digital Learning Environments

  • Eric M. Meyers
  • Lisa P. Nathan

Do Massive Open Online Course Platforms Support Employability?

  • Tawanna R. Dillahunt
  • Sandy Ng
  • Michelle Fiesta
  • Zengguang Wang

SESSION: Distributed Teams

  • Pamela Hinds

Monitoring and Trust in Virtual Teams

  • Lionel P. Robert, Jr.

Personality Matters: Balancing for Personality Types Leads to Better Outcomes for Crowd Teams

  • Ioanna Lykourentzou
  • Angeliki Antoniou
  • Yannick Naudet
  • Steven P. Dow

Embracing Cultural Diversity: Online Social Ties in Distributed Workgroups

  • Wei Dong
  • Kate Ehrlich
  • Michael M. Macy
  • Michael Muller

Effects of Sensemaking Translucence on Distributed Collaborative Analysis

  • Nitesh Goyal
  • Susan R. Fussell

SESSION: Distance, Coordination, and Motivation

  • Ingrid Erickson

The Diffusion of Trust and Cooperation in Teams with Individuals' Variations on Baseline Trust

  • Yi Wang
  • David Redmiles

Vendors' Perspectives of Coordination in the Information Technology Offshore Outsourcing Industry: An Exploratory Study from the Philippines

  • Aloha May Hufana Ambe
  • Margot F. Brereton
  • Markus Rittenbruch

When Distance Doesn't Really Matter: Effects of Geographic Dispersion on Participation in Online Enterprise Communities

  • Jeffrey Warshaw
  • Steve Whittaker
  • Tara Matthews
  • Barton A. Smith

Work and Play: An Experiment in Enterprise Gamification

  • Laurentiu Catalin Stanculescu
  • Alessandro Bozzon
  • Robert-Jan Sips
  • Geert-Jan Houben

SESSION: Relationships and Romance

  • Andrea Parker

Strangers on Your Phone: Why People Use Anonymous Communication Applications

  • Ruogu Kang
  • Laura Dabbish
  • Katherine Sutton

The Role of Digital Technologies During Relationship Breakdowns

  • Wendy Moncur
  • Lorna Gibson
  • Daniel Herron

On the bias: Self-esteem biases across communication channels during romantic couple conflict

  • Lauren Scissors
  • Darren Gergle

Mobile Media Matters: Media Use and Relationship Satisfaction among Geographically Close Dating Couples

  • Catalina L. Toma
  • Mina Choi

SESSION: Co-present and Remote Media Use

  • Andrea Parker

MarathOn Multiscreen: Group Television Watching and Interaction in a Viewing Ecology

  • Edward Anstead
  • Steve Benford
  • Robert Houghton

To Beam or Not to Beam: A Study of Remote Telepresence Attendance at an Academic Conference

  • Carman Neustaedter
  • Gina Venolia
  • Jason Procyk
  • Daniel Hawkins

Distributed Liveness: Understanding How New Technologies Transform Performance Experiences

  • Andrew M. Webb
  • Chen Wang
  • Andruid Kerne
  • Pablo Cesar

SESSION: Credibility and Social Media

  • Moira Burke

On the Wisdom of Experts vs. Crowds: Discovering Trustworthy Topical News in Microblogs

  • Muhammad Bilal Zafar
  • Parantapa Bhattacharya
  • Niloy Ganguly
  • Saptarshi Ghosh
  • Krishna P. Gummadi

Keeping Up with the Tweet-dashians: The Impact of 'Official' Accounts on Online Rumoring

  • Cynthia Andrews
  • Elodie Fichet
  • Yuwei Ding
  • Emma S. Spiro
  • Kate Starbird

How Information Snowballs: Exploring the Role of Exposure in Online Rumor Propagation

  • Ahmer Arif
  • Kelley Shanahan
  • Fang-Ju Chou
  • Yoanna Dosouto
  • Kate Starbird
  • Emma S. Spiro

SESSION: Managing Personal Data

  • Sharoda Paul

Data Narratives: Uncovering tensions in personal data management

  • Janet Vertesi
  • Jofish Kaye
  • Samantha N. Jarosewski
  • Vera D. Khovanskaya
  • Jenna Song

“This has to be the cats”: Personal Data Legibility in Networked Sensing Systems

  • Peter Tolmie
  • Andy Crabtree
  • Tom Rodden
  • James Colley
  • Ewa Luger

Networked Privacy Management in Facebook: A Mixed-Methods and Multinational Study

  • Hichang Cho
  • Anna Filippova

SESSION: Internatonal Insights

  • David McDonald

SunForum: Understanding Depression in a Chinese Online Community

  • Guo Li
  • Xiaomu Zhou
  • Tun Lu
  • Jiang Yang
  • Ning Gu

Surveillance & Modesty on Social Media: How Qataris Navigate Modernity and Maintain Tradition

  • Sarah Vieweg
  • Adam Hodges

Examining American and Chinese Internet Users' Contextual Privacy Preferences of Behavioral Advertising

  • Yang Wang
  • Huichuan Xia
  • Yun Huang

SESSION: Computer-Mediated Communication

  • Gary Olson

Capturing Turn-by-Turn Lexical Similarity in Text-Based Communication

  • Noah Liebman
  • Darren Gergle

To Reply or To Reply All: Understanding Replying Behavior in Group Email Communication

  • Sukeshini A. Grandhi
  • Lyndsey K. Lanagan-Leitzel

It's (Not) Simply a Matter of Time: The Relationship Between CMC Cues and Interpersonal Affinity

  • Noah Liebman
  • Darren Gergle

SESSION: Newcomers in Peer Production

  • Aaron Halfaker

Toward Automatic Bootstrapping of Online Communities Using Decision-theoretic Optimization

  • Shih-Wen Huang
  • Jonathan Bragg
  • Isaac Cowhey
  • Oren Etzioni
  • Daniel S. Weld

Early Activity Diversity: Assessing Newcomer Retention from First-Session Activity

  • Raghav Pavan Karumur
  • Tien T. Nguyen
  • Joseph A. Konstan

One and Done: Factors affecting one-time contributors to ad-hoc online communities

  • Brian James McInnis
  • Elizabeth Lindley Murnane
  • Dmitry Epstein
  • Dan Cosley
  • Gilly Leshed

Which Way Did They Go?: Newcomer Movement through the Zooniverse

  • Corey Jackson
  • Carsten Østerlund
  • Veronica Maidel
  • Kevin Crowston
  • Gabriel Mugar


  • Bryan Semaan

Crystallize: An Immersive, Collaborative Game for Second Language Learning

  • Gabriel Culbertson
  • Erik Andersen
  • Walker White
  • Daniel Zhang
  • Malte Jung

Uses of Multiple Characters in Online Games and Their Implications for Social Network Methods

  • Alex Leavitt
  • Joshua Clark
  • Dennis Wixon

Can Visualization of Contributions Support Fairness in Collaboration?: Findings from Meters in an Online Game

  • Ryan Kelly
  • Leon Watts
  • Stephen J. Payne

Virtual Team Networks: How Group Social Capital Affects Team Success in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game

  • Grace A. Benefield
  • Cuihua Shen
  • Alex Leavitt

SESSION: Online Communities

  • Mor Naaman

Thousands of Positive Reviews: Distributed Mentoring in Online Fan Communities

  • Julie Campbell
  • Cecilia Aragon
  • Katie Davis
  • Sarah Evans
  • Abigail Evans
  • David Randall

The Effects and Antecedents of Conflict in Free and Open Source Software Development

  • Anna Filippova
  • Hichang Cho

Effectiveness of Conflict Management Strategies in Peer Review Process of Online Collaboration Projects

  • Wenjian Huang
  • Tun Lu
  • Haiyi Zhu
  • Guo Li
  • Ning Gu

A Contingency View of Transferring and Adapting Best Practices within Online Communities

  • Haiyi Zhu
  • Robert E. Kraut
  • Aniket Kittur

SESSION: Healthcare Providers

  • Michael Muller

Crafting the Image in Surgical Telemedicine

  • Helena M. Mentis
  • Ahmed Rahim
  • Pierre Theodore

Partners in Care: Design Considerations for Caregivers and Patients During a Hospital Stay

  • Andrew D. Miller
  • Sonali R. Mishra
  • Logan Kendall
  • Shefali Haldar
  • Ari H. Pollack
  • Wanda Pratt

Boundary Negotiating Artifacts in Personal Informatics: Patient-Provider Collaboration with Patient-Generated Data

  • Chia-Fang Chung
  • Kristin Dew
  • Allison Cole
  • Jasmine Zia
  • James Fogarty
  • Julie A. Kientz
  • Sean A. Munson

Designing for Those who are Overlooked: Insider Perspectives on Care Practices and Cooperative Work of Elderly Informal Caregivers

  • Marén Schorch
  • Lin Wan
  • David William Randall
  • Volker Wulf

SESSION: Engaging the Crowd

  • Kurt Luther

Campus-Scale Mobile Crowd-Tasking: Deployment & Behavioral Insights

  • Thivya Kandappu
  • Archan Misra
  • Shih-Fen Cheng
  • Nikita Jaiman
  • Randy Tandriansyah
  • Cen Chen
  • Hoong Chuin Lau
  • Deepthi Chander
  • Koustuv Dasgupta

Botivist: Calling Volunteers to Action using Online Bots

  • Saiph Savage
  • Andres Monroy-Hernandez
  • Tobias Höllerer

You Get Who You Pay for: The Impact of Incentives on Participation Bias

  • Gary Hsieh
  • Rafał Kocielnik

Assignment Techniques for Crowdsourcing Sensitive Tasks

  • L. Elisa Celis
  • Sai Praneeth Reddy
  • Ishaan Preet Singh
  • Shailesh Vaya

SESSION: Education in the Classroom and Beyond

  • Sean Goggins

Identity Work on Social Media Sites: Disadvantaged Students' College Transition Processes

  • Tsubasa Morioka
  • Nicole B. Ellison
  • Michael Brown

Modeling Collaboration Patterns on an Interactive Tabletop in a Classroom Setting

  • Abigail C. Evans
  • Jacob O. Wobbrock
  • Katie Davis

Avalanche Beacon Parks: Skill Development and Team Coordination in a Technological Training Ground

  • Audrey Desjardins
  • Saul Greenberg
  • Ron Wakkary
  • Jeff Hambelton

First-Generation Students and College: The Role of Facebook Networks as Information Sources

  • Grace YoungJoo Jeon
  • Nicole B. Ellison
  • Bernie Hogan
  • Christine Greenhow

SESSION: Ethics and Policy

  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick

The Effect of Exposure to Social Annotation on Online Informed Consent Beliefs and Behavior

  • Martina Balestra
  • Orit Shaer
  • Johanna Okerlund
  • Madeleine Ball
  • Oded Nov

Opportunities and Challenges Around a Tool for Social and Public Web Activity Tracking

  • Amy X. Zhang
  • Joshua Blum
  • David R. Karger

Policy as Embedded Generativity: A Case Study of the Emergence and Evolution of HathiTrust

  • Alissa Centivany

Beyond the Belmont Principles: Ethical Challenges, Practices, and Beliefs in the Online Data Research Community

  • Jessica Vitak
  • Katie Shilton
  • Zahra Ashktorab

SESSION: Hospital Work

  • Aleksandra Sarcevic

Time to reflect: Supporting health services over time by focusing on collaborative reflection

  • Gabriela Marcu
  • Anind K. Dey
  • Sara Kiesler
  • Madhu Reddy

The Collaborative work of Hospital Porters: Accountability, Visibility and Configurations of Work

  • Claus Bossen
  • Martin Foss

Accounting for the Invisible Work of Hospital Orderlies: Designing for Local and Global Coordination

  • Allan Stisen
  • Nervo Verdezoto
  • Henrik Blunck
  • Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard
  • Kaj Grønbæk

Complex Decision-Making in Clinical Practice

  • Line Silsand
  • Gunnar Ellingsen

SESSION: Crowd-Powered Applications

  • Elizabeth Churchill

Almost an Expert: The Effects of Rubrics and Expertise on Perceived Value of Crowdsourced Design Critiques

  • Alvin Yuan
  • Kurt Luther
  • Markus Krause
  • Sophie Isabel Vennix
  • Steven P Dow
  • Bjorn Hartmann

Storia: Summarizing Social Media Content based on Narrative Theory using Crowdsourcing

  • Joy Kim
  • Andres Monroy-Hernandez

BudgetMap: Engaging Taxpayers in the Issue-Driven Classification of a Government Budget

  • Nam Wook Kim
  • Jonghyuk Jung
  • Eun-Young Ko
  • Songyi Han
  • Chang Won Lee
  • Juho Kim
  • Jihee Kim

Crowdsourcing Queue Estimations in Situ

  • Jorge Goncalves
  • Hannu Kukka
  • Iván Sánchez
  • Vassilis Kostakos

SESSION: Social Network Methods

  • Wendy Ju

Embeddedness and sequentiality in social media

  • Stuart Reeves
  • Barry Brown

Analyzing Organizational Routines in Online Knowledge Collaborations: A Case for Sequence Analysis in CSCW

  • Brian C. Keegan
  • Shakked Lev
  • Ofer Arazy

When the Crowd is Not Enough: Improving User Experience with Social Media through Automatic Quality Analysis

  • Dan Pelleg
  • Oleg Rokhlenko
  • Idan Szpektor
  • Eugene Agichtein
  • Ido Guy

Distinguishing between Personal Preferences and Social Influence in Online Activity Feeds

  • Amit Sharma
  • Dan Cosley

SESSION: Hacking, Making, and Discovering

  • Luigina Ciolfi

Hacking as Transgressive Infrastructuring: Mobile Phone Networks and the German Chaos Computer Club

  • Susann Wagenknecht
  • Matthias Korn

How to Hackathon: Socio-technical Tradeoffs in Brief, Intensive Collocation

  • Erik H. Trainer
  • Arun Kalyanasundaram
  • Chalalai Chaihirunkarn
  • James D. Herbsleb

Out of Time, Out of Place: Reflections on Design Workshops as a Research Method

  • Daniela K. Rosner
  • Saba Kawas
  • Wenqi Li
  • Nicole Tilly
  • Yi-Chen Sung

'A Farmer, a Place and at least 20 Members': The Development of Artifact Ecologies in Volunteer-based Communities

  • Susanne Bødker
  • Henrik Korsgaard
  • Joanna Saad-Sulonen

SESSION: Food and Health

  • Yunan Chen

Characterizing Dietary Choices, Nutrition, and Language in Food Deserts via Social Media

  • Munmun De Choudhury
  • Sanket Sharma
  • Emre Kiciman

Quantifying and Predicting Mental Illness Severity in Online Pro-Eating Disorder Communities

  • Stevie Chancellor
  • Zhiyuan Lin
  • Erica L. Goodman
  • Stephanie Zerwas
  • Munmun De Choudhury

“Hunger Hurts but Starving Works”: Characterizing the Presentation of Eating Disorders Online

  • Jessica A. Pater
  • Oliver L. Haimson
  • Nazanin Andalibi
  • Elizabeth D. Mynatt

#thyghgapp: Instagram Content Moderation and Lexical Variation in Pro-Eating Disorder Communities

  • Stevie Chancellor
  • Jessica Annette Pater
  • Trustin Clear
  • Eric Gilbert
  • Munmun De Choudhury

SESSION: Crowd Innovation and Crowdfunding

  • Brian Bailey

Encouraging “Outside- the- box” Thinking in Crowd Innovation Through Identifying Domains of Expertise

  • Lixiu Yu
  • Aniket Kittur
  • Robert E. Kraut

Improving Crowd Innovation with Expert Facilitation

  • Joel Chan
  • Steven Dang
  • Steven P. Dow

Distributed Analogical Idea Generation with Multiple Constraints

  • Lixiu Yu
  • Robert E. Kraut
  • Aniket Kittur

Social Ties in Organizational Crowdfunding: Benefits of Team-Authored Proposals

  • Michael Muller
  • Mary Keough
  • John Wafer
  • Werner Geyer
  • Alberto Alvarez Saez
  • David Leip
  • Cara Viktorov

SESSION: Non-Profits and Humanitarian Responses

  • Marcos R.S. Borges

Repurposing FM: Radio Nowhere to OSNs Everywhere

  • Morgan Vigil
  • Elizabeth Belding
  • Matthew Rantanen

Storytelling with Data: Examining the Use of Data by Non-Profit Organizations

  • Sheena Erete
  • Emily Ryou
  • Geoff Smith
  • Khristina Marie Fassett
  • Sarah Duda

Collaborative Analytics and Brokering in Digital Humanitarian Response

  • Daniel Hellmann
  • Carleen Maitland
  • Andrea Tapia

Early Adopters of the Internet and Social Media in Cuba

  • Michaelanne Dye
  • Annie Antón
  • Amy S. Bruckman

SESSION: Work and Work Environments

  • Steve Poltrock

Embedding Intentions in Drawings: How Architects Craft and Curate Drawings to Achieve Their Goals

  • Daniela Retelny
  • Pamela Hinds

Infrastructuring and the Challenge of Dynamic Seams in Mobile Knowledge Work

  • Ingrid Erickson
  • Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi

Understanding Energy Consumption at Work: Learning from Arrow Hill

  • Ben Bedwell
  • Enrico Costanza
  • Michael O. Jewell

A Fundamentally Confused Document: Situation Reports and the Work of Producing Humanitarian Information

  • Megan Finn
  • Elisa Oreglia

SESSION: Parents and Children

  • Svetlana Yarosh

“Thanks for your interest in our Facebook group, but it's only for dads”: Social Roles of Stay-at-Home Dads

  • Tawfiq Ammari
  • Sarita Schoenebeck

Not at the Dinner Table: Parents' and Children's Perspectives on Family Technology Rules

  • Alexis Hiniker
  • Sarita Y. Schoenebeck
  • Julie A. Kientz

Managing Expectations: Technology Tensions among Parents and Teens

  • Lindsay Blackwell
  • Emma Gardiner
  • Sarita Schoenebeck

Mom, I Do Have a Family!: Attitudes, Agreements, and Expectations on the Interaction with Chilean Older Adults

  • Francisco J. Gutierrez
  • Sergio F. Ochoa

SESSION: Multimedia Creation and Remixing

  • Louise Barkhuus

TryFilm: Situated Support for Interactive Media Productions

  • Tom Bartindale
  • Guy Schofield
  • Clara Crivellaro
  • Peter Wright

YouthTube: Youth Video Authorship on YouTube and Vine

  • Svetlana Yarosh
  • Elizabeth Bonsignore
  • Sarah McRoberts
  • Tamara Peyton

Remixing as a Pathway to Computational Thinking

  • Sayamindu Dasgupta
  • William Hale
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández
  • Benjamin Mako Hill

Reality and Perception of Copyright Terms of Service for Online Content Creation

  • Casey Fiesler
  • Cliff Lampe
  • Amy S. Bruckman

SESSION: Unpacking Social Networks

  • Eric Gilbert

Once More with Feeling: Supportive Responses to Social Sharing on Facebook

  • Moira Burke
  • Mike Develin

Playful Backstalking and Serious Impression Management: How Young Adults Reflect on their Past Identities on Facebook

  • Sarita Schoenebeck
  • Nicole B. Ellison
  • Lindsay Blackwell
  • Joseph B. Bayer
  • Emily B. Falk

“Just Cast the Net, and Hopefully the Right Fish Swim into It”: Audience Management on Social Network Sites

  • Eden Litt
  • Eszter Hargittai

What's in a Like?: Attitudes and behaviors around receiving Likes on Facebook

  • Lauren Scissors
  • Moira Burke
  • Steven Wengrovitz

SESSION: Open Science and Infrastructures

  • Matt Bietz

Convivial Decay: Entangled Lifetimes in a Geriatric Infrastructure

  • Marisa Leavitt Cohn

Citation and Attribution in Open Science: A Case Study

  • Yla R. Tausczik

Considering Time in Designing Large-Scale Systems for Scientific Computing

  • Nan-Chen Chen
  • Sarah Poon
  • Lavanya Ramakrishnan
  • Cecilia R. Aragon

Community-based Data Validation Practices in Citizen Science

  • Andrea Wiggins
  • Yurong He

SESSION: Accessibility and Universal Design

  • Judd Antin

Promoting Joint Attention with Computer Supported Collaboration in Children with Autism

  • Sumita Sharma
  • Saurabh Srivastava
  • Krishnaveni Achary
  • Blessin Varkey
  • Tomi Heimonen
  • Jaakko Samuli Hakulinen
  • Markku Turunen
  • Nitendra Rajput

Vulnerability, Sharing, and Privacy: Analyzing Art Therapy for Older Adults with Dementia

  • Raymundo Cornejo
  • Robin Brewer
  • Caroline Edasis
  • Anne Marie Piper

How Blind People Interact with Visual Content on Social Networking Services

  • Violeta Voykinska
  • Shiri Azenkot
  • Shaomei Wu
  • Gilly Leshed

“Helping Others Makes Me Happy”: Social Interaction and Integration of People with Disabilities

  • Peng Liu
  • Xianghua Ding
  • Ning Gu

SESSION: Crowd Workflows

  • Afra Mashhadi

ReLauncher: Crowdsourcing Micro-Tasks Runtime Controller

  • Pavel Kucherbaev
  • Florian Daniel
  • Stefano Tranquillini
  • Maurizio Marchese

Precision CrowdSourcing: Closing the Loop to Turn Information Consumers into Information Contributors

  • Qian Zhao
  • Zihong Huang
  • F. Maxwell Harper
  • Loren Terveen
  • Joseph A. Konstan

Learnersourcing Personalized Hints

  • Elena L. Glassman
  • Aaron Lin
  • Carrie J. Cai
  • Robert C. Miller

Parting Crowds: Characterizing Divergent Interpretations in Crowdsourced Annotation Tasks

  • Sanjay Kairam
  • Jeffrey Heer

SESSION: Mobile Design and Usage

  • Brian Keegan

Using Mobile Phones in Pub Talk

  • Martin Porcheron
  • Joel E. Fischer
  • Sarah Sharples

Automatic Archiving versus Default Deletion: What Snapchat Tells Us About Ephemerality in Design

  • Bin Xu
  • Pamara Chang
  • Christopher L. Welker
  • Natalya N. Bazarova
  • Dan Cosley

Privacy Nudges for Mobile Applications: Effects on the Creepiness Emotion and Privacy Attitudes

  • Bo Zhang
  • Heng Xu

Increasing Collocated People's Awareness of the Mobile User's Activities: a Field Trial of Social Displays

  • Pradthana Jarusriboonchai
  • Aris Malapaschas
  • Thomas Olsson
  • Kaisa Väänänen

SESSION: Rich Telepresence

  • John Tang

Beyond Talking Heads: Multimedia Artifact Creation, Use, and Sharing in Distributed Meetings

  • Jennifer Marlow
  • Scott Carter
  • Nathaniel Good
  • Jung-Wei Chen

Room2Room: Enabling Life-Size Telepresence in a Projected Augmented Reality Environment

  • Tomislav Pejsa
  • Julian Kantor
  • Hrvoje Benko
  • Eyal Ofek
  • Andrew Wilson

Taking Notes or Playing Games?: Understanding Multitasking in Video Communication

  • Jennifer Marlow
  • Eveline van Everdingen
  • Daniel Avrahami

SESSION: Home and Family

  • Lauren Scissors

A Day in the Life of Things in the Home

  • Andy Crabtree
  • Peter Tolmie

Scaffolding the scaffolding: Supporting children's social-emotional learning at home

  • Petr Slovák
  • Kael Rowan
  • Christopher Frauenberger
  • Ran Gilad-Bachrach
  • Mia Doces
  • Brian Smith
  • Rachel Kamb
  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Moving Western Neighborliness to East?: A study on Local Exchange in Bangladesh

  • Federico Cabitza
  • Angela Locoro
  • Carla Simone
  • Tunazzina Sultana

Social Organization of Household Finance: Understanding Artful Financial Systems in the Home

  • Dhaval Vyas
  • Stephen Snow
  • Paul Roe
  • Margot Brereton

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