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CSCW 2016 Companion

CSCW '16 Companion- Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing Companion

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library


Note: The following links provide open access to the specified PDFs for 12 months following their publication in the ACM DL.


  • Bjoern Hartmann
  • Anne Marie Piper

First Life, the Neighborhood Social Network: a Collaborative Environment for Citizens

  • Alessio Antonini
  • Guido Boella
  • Alessia Calafiore
  • Carlo Salaroglio
  • Luigi Sanasi
  • Claudio Schifanella

SEeS@W: Internet of Persons meets Internet of Things for Safety at Work

  • Alessio Antonini
  • Guido Boella
  • Alessia Calafiore
  • Federica Cena
  • Ilaria Lombardi
  • Carlo Salaroglio
  • Luigi Sanasi
  • Claudio Schifanella
  • Agata Marta Soccini

MixMeetWear: Live Meetings at a Glance

  • Ville Mäkelä
  • Scott Carter
  • Jennifer Marlow

IdeaGens: Enabling Expert Facilitation of Crowd Brainstorming

  • Joel Chan
  • Steven Dang
  • Steven P. Dow

PostScholar: Surfacing Social Signals in Google Scholar Search

  • Larry Chan
  • Shagun Jhaver
  • Sandeep Soni

AutoStyle: Toward Coding Style Feedback At Scale

  • Rohan Roy Choudhury
  • HeZheng Yin
  • Joseph Moghadam
  • Armando Fox

I Understand Your Frustration

  • Guy Feigenblat
  • David Konopnicki
  • Michal Shmueli-Scheuer
  • Jonathan Herzig
  • Hen Shkedi

DiscoverySpace: Crowdsourced Suggestions Onboard Novices in Complex Software

  • C. Ailie Fraser
  • Mira Dontcheva
  • Holger Winnemoeller
  • Scott Klemmer

Exploring Controversy in Twitter

  • Kiran Garimella
  • Michael Mathioudakis
  • Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
  • Aristides Gionis

Leveraging Learners for Teaching Programming and Hardware Design at Scale

  • Elena L. Glassman
  • Robert C. Miller

CATS: Collection and Analysis of Tweets Made Simple

  • Ciprian-Octavian Truica
  • Adrien Guille
  • Michael Gauthier

Spatial and Social Connectedness in Web-based Work Collaboration

  • Leif Handberg
  • Charlie Gullströ
  • Joke Kort
  • Jimmy Nyström

A Speech Speed Awareness System for Non-Native Speakers

  • Jing Ye
  • Tomoo Inoue

Social Display...We Can See What You Are Doing On Your Mobile Device

  • Pradthana Jarusriboonchai
  • Aris Malapaschas
  • Thomas Olsson
  • Kaisa Väänänen

Facilitating Collaborative Problem-Solving with Computer-Supported Causal Mapping

  • Allan Jeong

Webstrates: Demonstrating the potential of Shareable Dynamic Media

  • Clemens N. Klokmose
  • James Eagan
  • Siemen Baader
  • Wendy Mackay
  • Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

CIRCLE ROUND: Flexible Communication using Multiple Access at Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Mankyung Lee
  • Joohee Kim
  • Kwangjae Lee
  • Jundong Cho

Stitched Groupies: A Playful Self-Photo Co-creation Activity

  • Di Lu
  • Casey Dugan

Oppia: A Community of Peer Learners to Make Conversational Learning Experiences

  • Tricia J. Ngoon
  • Rachel Chen
  • Amit Deutsch
  • Sean Lip

Green2.0: Enabling Complex Interactions Between Buildings and People

  • Manos Papagelis
  • Thomas F. Krijnen
  • Mohamed Elshenawy
  • Theohar Konomi
  • Roy Fang
  • Tamer El-Diraby

cLuster: Applications for Smart Clustering of Free-Hand Sketches

  • Florian Perteneder
  • Martin Bresler
  • Eva-Maria Grossauer
  • Joanne Leong
  • Christian Rendl
  • Michael Haller

Gaming for Science: A Demo of Online Experiments on

  • Jason Radford
  • Andy Pilny
  • Katya Ognyanova
  • Luke Horgan
  • Stefan Wojcik
  • David Lazer

Well-Connected: Promoting Collaboration by Effective Networking

  • David A. Robb
  • Thomas S. Methven
  • Stefano Padilla
  • Mike J. Chantler

CityCompass: A Collaborative Online Language Learning Application

  • Pekka Kallioniemi
  • Sumita Sharma
  • Markku Turunen

IdeaHound: Self-sustainable Idea Generation in Creative Online Communities

  • Pao Siangliulue
  • Joel Chan
  • Bernd Huber
  • Steven P. Dow
  • Krzysztof Z. Gajos

Oh, I Love Trash: Personality of a Robotic Trash Barrel

  • David Sirkin
  • Brian Mok
  • Stephen Yang
  • Wendy Ju

Movement: A Secure Community Awareness Application and Display

  • Xiao Ma
  • Ross McLachlan
  • Donghun Lee
  • Mor Naaman
  • Emily Sun

GroupLink: Group Event Recommendations Using Personal Digital Traces

  • Honghao Wei
  • Cheng-Kang Hsieh
  • Longqi Yang
  • Deborah Estrin

Coding Varied Behavior Types Using the Crowd

  • Jinyeong Yim
  • Jeel Jasani
  • Aubrey Henderson
  • Danai Koutra
  • Steven P. Dow
  • Winnie Leung
  • Ellen Lim
  • Mitchell Gordon
  • Jeffrey P. Bigham
  • Walter S. Lasecki

Confer: A Conference Recommendation and Meetup Tool

  • Amy X. Zhang
  • Anant Bhardwaj
  • David Karger

Eyebrowse: Selective and Public Web Activity Sharing

  • Amy X. Zhang
  • David Karger
  • Joshua Blum

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

  • Louise Barkhuus
  • Loren Terveen

A Study of Cyberbullying Detection and Mitigation on Instagram

  • Zahra Ashktorab

Connecting Older Adults through Voice-Based Interfaces

  • Robin Brewer

Theory Driven Community Analytics and Influence on Community Success

  • Ryan Compton

Large-scale Volunteer Engagement in Humanitarian Mapping

  • Martin Dittus

Collective Creativity through a Micro-Tasks Crowdsourcing Approach

  • Victor Girotto

Understand the Design and Implementation of Civic Technologies in Public Organizations

  • Youyang Hou

Social Sharing at Scale

  • Sanjay Kairam

Design for User Autonomy in the System-Driven Personalization of Social Media

  • Da-jung Kim

Measuring and Managing Information Diets of Social Media Users: Research Overview

  • Juhi Kulshrestha

Global Software Development: Exploring Multiplicity and Asymmetric Dynamics in Collaborative Work

  • Stina Matthiesen

Safety through Collaboration: A New Challenge for Automotive Design

  • Nicole Perterer

Designing Computer Supported Collaborative Applications for UnderServed Indian Children

  • Sumita Sharma

How People Write Together Now: Exploring and Supporting Today's Computer-Supported Collaborative Writing

  • Dakuo Wang

Supporting Information Sharing and Presentation across Distributed Emergency Medical Settings

  • Zhan Zhang


  • Jacki O'Neill
  • Dan Russell

Visibility in Digital Space: Controlling Personal Information Online

  • Jed R. Brubaker
  • Jofish Kaye
  • Sarita Schoenebeck
  • Janet Vertesi

Robots As Cooperative Partners... We Hope...

  • Cliff Lampe
  • Bob Bauer
  • Henry Evans
  • Dave Robson
  • Tessa Lau
  • Leila Takayama

Innovations in autonomous systems: Challenges and opportunities for human-agent collaboration

  • Lia Emanuel
  • Joel Fischer
  • Wendy Ju
  • Saiph Savage

Does the Sharing Economy do any Good?

  • Tawanna Dillahunt
  • Airi Lampinen
  • Jacki O'Neill
  • Loren Terveen
  • Cory Kendrick

What did we get right and wrong about CSCW during the past 30 years?

  • Daniel M. Russell
  • Steven Poltrock
  • Irene Greif
  • Judith S. Olson
  • Gary M. Olson

Constantly connected: At what price and with what rewards?

  • Gloria Mark
  • Mary Czerwinski
  • Gordon Bell
  • Roy Pea
  • Anind Dey
  • Alex Soojung-Kim
  • Melissa Mazmanian

Practice-based CSCW Research: ECSCW bridging across the Atlantic

  • Pernille Bjørn
  • Luigina Ciolfi
  • Mark Ackerman
  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick
  • Volker Wulf

SESSION: Posters

  • Matthew Bietz
  • Vanessa Evers

Designing Paralinguistic Digital Affordances for Social Support

  • Mousa Ahmadi
  • Mary E. Schneider
  • Rohit Kadam
  • Donghee Yvette Wohn

MET: An Enterprise Market for Tasks

  • Anupriya Ankolekar
  • Filippo Balestrieri
  • Sitaram Asur

Film Ties: Crowd-sourced Teaching of Cinematography Using Intelligent Example Galleries

  • William Bares
  • Donald Schwartz

Sharing, Human Values, and Computer Activity Tracking

  • Karen Boyd
  • Adam Rule
  • Aurélien Tabard
  • Jim Hollan

Motivational Impact of Facebook Posts on Environmental Communities

  • Marina Cardoso
  • Elizabeth Warrick
  • Jennifer Golbeck
  • Jennifer Preece

Time Management Application: Insights on French and Chinese Collaboration

  • Heloise Chalot
  • Chieh Cheng
  • Chinwen Yu
  • Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
  • Qin Gao

Social Incentives in Pervasive Fitness Apps for Obese and Diabetic patients

  • Yu Chen
  • Mirana Randriambelonoro
  • Antoine Geissbuhler
  • Pearl Pu

Beyond Official: Government Information Work through Personal Accounts

  • Dharma Dailey
  • Kate Starbird

Using Gamification to Tackle the Cold-Start Problem in Recommender Systems

  • Sebastian Feil
  • Martin Kretzer
  • Karl Werder
  • Alexander Maedche

LeadWise: Using Online Bots to Recruite and Guide Expert Volunteers

  • Claudia Flores-Saviaga
  • Saiph Savage
  • Dario Taraborelli

When did my childhood become an art exhibit?!

  • Hannah Freedman
  • Tobi Adebisi
  • Charlotte Tang
  • Zahid Syed

Making Games as Collaborative Social Experiences: Exploring An Online Gaming Community

  • Guo Freeman

@Stake: A Game to Facilitate the Process of Deliberative Democracy

  • Eric Gordon
  • Becky Michelson
  • Jason Haas

TeleTourist: Immersive Telepresence Tourism for Mobility-Restricted Participants

  • Lilian de Greef
  • Meredith Morris
  • Kori Inkpen

Quantifying Toxicity and Verbal Violence on Twitter

  • Joshua Guberman
  • Carol Schmitz
  • Libby Hemphill

Collab-ChiQat: A Collaborative Remaking of a Computer Science Intelligent Tutoring System

  • Rachel Harsley
  • Nick Green
  • Barbara Di Eugenio
  • Satabdi Aditya
  • Davide Fossati
  • Omar Al Zoubi

Analyzing Lexical Expressions in an Human-Agent Online Explanation Task: Influence of Affect and Characteristics

  • Yugo Hayashi

A Journey of Citizen Science Data in an Online Environment

  • Yurong He
  • Jennifer Preece
  • Jennifer Hammock
  • Michele Weber
  • Seabird McKeon
  • Andrea Wiggins

What a Surprise: Initial Connection with Coworkers on Facebook and Expectancy Violations

  • Lei Huang
  • Dan Wang

Encouraging Work in Citizen Science: Experiments in Goal Setting and Anchoring

  • Corey Jackson
  • Gabriel Mugar
  • Kevin Crowston
  • Carsten Østerlund

Why Do Teammates Hate Me? Cross-Cultural Tensions and Social Dynamics in Online Games

  • Jialun Jiang
  • Svetlana Yarosh

CODer Entrepreneurs: How Entrepreneurs can benefit from a Dynamic Social Semantic Tagging System

  • Saman Kamran
  • Mehdi Jazayeri
  • Tahsin Ettefagh

TickTockRun: Towards Enhancing Communication in Runner Families

  • Kristina Knaving
  • Paweł Wózniak

Hands-Free Collaboration Using Telepresence Robots for All Ages

  • Akihiro Kosugi
  • Masatomo Kobayashi
  • Kentarou Fukuda

Mining Shapes of Expertise in Online Social Q&A Communities

  • Varun Kumar
  • Niranjan Pedanekar

Designing a New System for Sharing Computer Science Teaching Resources

  • Mackenzie Leake
  • Colleen Lewis

Designing Shared Gaze Awareness for Remote Collaboration

  • Jerry Li
  • Mia Manavalan
  • Sarah D'Angelo
  • Darren Gergle

Tactile Teacher: Enhancing Traditional Piano Lessons with Tactile Instructions

  • Richard Li
  • Yingyan Wang
  • Chih-Pin Hsiao
  • Nicholas Davis
  • James Hallam
  • Ellen Do

Why Developers Are Slacking Off: Understanding How Software Teams Use Slack

  • Bin Lin
  • Alexey Zagalsky
  • Margaret-Anne Storey
  • Alexander Serebrenik

Exploring Computational Composite: An Approach To Sensorial Interaction

  • Szu-Yu Liu
  • Tung-Jen Tsai
  • Daniel Alenquer

WASSUP? LOL : Characterizing Out-of-Vocabulary Words in Twitter

  • Suman Maity
  • Anshit Chaudhary
  • Shraman Kumar
  • Animesh Mukherjee
  • Chaitanya Sarda
  • Abhijeet Patil
  • Akash Mondal

Mining Twitter Conversations around E-commerce Promotional Events

  • Binny Mathew
  • Unnikrishnan A
  • Tanmoy Chakraborty
  • Niloy Ganguly
  • Samik Datta

Encount'r: Exploring Passive Context-Awareness for Opportunistic Social Matching

  • Julia Mayer
  • Quentin Jones

Product X: An Output-Agreement Game for Product Perceptual Mapping

  • Hajime Mizuyama
  • Eiji Miyashita

An Architecture for Social Sharing and Collaboration around Open Data Visualisations

  • Delfina Malandrino
  • Ilaria Manno
  • Giuseppina Palmieri
  • Andrea Petta
  • Donato Pirozzi
  • Vittorio Scarano
  • Luigi Serra
  • Carmine Spagnuolo
  • Luca Vicidomini
  • Gennaro Cordasco

Feeling Distance: An Investigation of Mediated Social Touch Prototypes

  • Timothy Pallarino
  • Aaron Free
  • Katrina Mutuc
  • Svetlana Yarosh

Game-theoretic models identify useful principles for peer collaboration in online learning platforms

  • Vineet Pandey
  • Krishnendu Chatterjee

Sustaining Reciprocity: Generating Social Capital within Peer-Support Communities

  • Thanh-Mai Phan
  • Svetlana Yarosh

Enticing Casual Nature Preserve Visitors into Citizen Science via Photos

  • Jennifer Preece
  • Carol Boston
  • Tom Yeh
  • Jacqueline Cameron
  • Mary Maher
  • Kazjon Grace

Testing Higher-Order Network Structures in an Online Experiment

  • Jason Radford
  • Amotz Barnoy
  • Alexey Nikolaev
  • Saad Mneimneh
  • David Lazer
  • Ram Ramanathan

Asian American Chicago Network: A Case Study of Facebook Group Use By Immigrant Groups

  • Xi Rao
  • Libby Hemphill

Crowdfunding: Applying Collective Indexing of Emotions to Campaign Videos

  • Josue Reyes
  • Cristina Bahm

Thinking in 4D: Preserving and Sharing Mental Context Across Time

  • Adam Rule
  • Jim Hollan

Towards a Framework for Collaborative Video Surveillance System Using Crowdsourcing

  • Susumu Saito
  • Tetsunori Kobayashi
  • Teppei Nakano

GreenDesigners: Gamified Ubiquitous Learning for Sustainable Engineering Design

  • Fariha Salman
  • David Riley
  • Salman Javed

Webizing Mixed Reality for Cooperative Augmentation of Life Experience

  • Daeil Seo
  • Byounghyun Yoo
  • Heedong Ko

Identifying and Characterizing Sleeping Beauties on YouTube

  • Sandipan Sikdar
  • Anshit Chaudhary
  • Shraman Kumar
  • Niloy Ganguly
  • Abhijnan Chakraborty
  • Gaurav Kumar
  • Abhijeet Patil
  • Animesh Mukherjee

Situation-aware communication method based on contextual info.

  • Scott Song
  • Minjin Rho
  • Suna Kim

Human Process Design: Mediate between People and Help Them to Look into the Future

  • Kei Taira
  • Masahide Noda
  • Motoshi Sumioka
  • Takumi Baba
  • Takashi Ohno
  • Riichiro Take

Exploring Engagement in a 'Social Crowd' on Twitter

  • Jacob Thebault-Spieker
  • Anbang Xu
  • Jilin Chen
  • Jalal Mahmud
  • Jeffrey Nichols

BotViz: Data Visualizations for Collaborations With Bots and Volunteers

  • Carlos Toxtli
  • Claudia Flores-Saviaga
  • Flor Aguilar
  • Alejandra Monroy
  • Juan Flores
  • Jeerel Herrejon
  • Norma Chavez
  • William Dai
  • Needa Almani
  • Shloka Desai
  • Saiph Savage

The role of outsiders in consensus formation: A case study of Yelp

  • Utpal Prasad
  • Niloy Ganguly
  • Animesh Mukherjee
  • Nikky Kumari
  • Mohit Kumar

How Social Annotation Affects Second Language Reading

  • Hao-Chuan Wang
  • Cheng-Hsien Han
  • Mei-Hua Pan
  • Chi-Lan Yang Cloud Based Platform For Solving Optimization Problems Using Crowdsourcing Approach

  • Szymon Wasik
  • Maciej Antczak
  • Jan Badura
  • Artur Laskowski
  • Tomasz Sternal

LBSNShield: Malicious Account Detection in Location-Based Social Networks

  • Yuan Xuan
  • Yang Chen
  • Huiying Li
  • Pan Hui
  • Lei Shi

Today's Life Style and Yesterday's Life Experience: A Study of Financial Practices of Retirees In China

  • Ping-Jing Yang
  • Xianghua Ding

Group Finder: Finding the "Right": Online Support Groups for People in Recovery

  • Yuan Yao
  • Svetlana Yarosh

Curiosity vs. Control: Impacts of Training on Performance of Teams Working with Robots

  • Sangseok You
  • Lionel Robert Jr.

Design Illustrations to Make Adoption of Ola Technology More Beneficial for Indian Auto-Rickshaw Drivers

  • Himanshu Zade
  • Jacki O'Neill

SESSION: Workshops

  • Marcos R.S. Borges
  • Madhu Reddy

Where did my Office go? Is it in the Cloud!? Workshop on Spatial and Social Connectedness in Virtual and Mediated Work Environments

  • Charlie Gullström
  • Joke Kort

Collocated Interaction: New Challenges in 'Same Time, Same Place' Research

  • Joel Fischer
  • Martin Porcheron
  • Andrés Lucero
  • Aaron Quigley
  • Stacey Scott
  • Luigina Ciolfi
  • John Rooksby
  • Nemanja Memarovic

Collaborative Appropriation: How Couples, Teams, Groups and Communities Adapt and Adopt Technologies

  • Michael Muller
  • Katja Neureiter
  • Alina Krischkowsky
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Deceptive/Honest/Unreliable/Reliable? Unpacking Social Signaling Theory for Social Computing Systems Analysis and Design

  • David McDonald
  • Amirah Majid
  • N. Shami

Breaking into new Data-Spaces: Infrastructure for Open Community Science

  • Aaron Halfaker
  • Jonathan Morgan
  • Yuvaraj Pandian
  • Elizabeth Thiry
  • William Rand
  • Kristen Schuster
  • A.J. Million
  • Sean Goggins
  • David Laniado

CSCW and theSharing Economy: The Future of Platforms as Sites of Work Collaboration and Trust

  • Airi Lampinen
  • Victoria Bellotti
  • Coye Cheshire
  • Mary Gray

Designing online experiments: Citizen science approaches to research

  • Andy Pilny
  • Brian Keegan
  • Brooke Wells
  • Chris Riedl
  • David Lazer
  • Jason Radford
  • Katya Ognyanova
  • Leslie DeChurch
  • Michael Macy
  • Noshir Contractor
  • Waleed Meleis

Collaboration and Decision Making in Crisis Situations

  • Adriana Vivacqua
  • Ana Cristina Garcia
  • José Canós
  • Martina Comes
  • Vaninha Vieira

Data-work in Healthcare: The New Work Ecologies of Healthcare Infrastructures

  • Claus Bossen
  • Kathleen Pine
  • Gunnar Elllingsen
  • Federico Cabitza

Toward a Typology of Participation in Crowdwork

  • Karin Hansson
  • Michael Muller
  • Tanja Aitamurto
  • Ann Light
  • Athanasios Mazarakis
  • Neha Gupta
  • Thomas Ludwig

Let's Talk About the Quantified Workplace

  • Afra Mashhadi
  • Fahim Kawsar
  • Akhil Mathur
  • Casey Dugan
  • N. Shami

Developing a Research Agenda for Human-Centered Data Science

  • Cecilia Aragon
  • Clayton Hutto
  • Andy Echenique
  • Brittany Fiore-Gartland
  • Yun Huang
  • Jinyoung Kim
  • Gina Neff
  • Wanli Xing
  • Joseph Bayer

Algorithms at Work: Empirical Diversity, Analytic Vocabularies, Design Implications

  • Susann Wagenknecht
  • Min Lee
  • Caitlin Lustig
  • Jacki O'Neill
  • Himanshu Zade

Large-scale Collaborative Projects to Affect Societal Change

  • Mark Ackerman
  • Ning Gu
  • Xianghua Ding
  • Jiang Yang
  • Volker Wulf

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